Monday, July 30, 2012

Author of the Week: Kevin Wayne Johnson

A&RBC: How did you become a writer?
Kevin: I began writing articles for my job in 1995. Then, I was led to "Write
for the Lord."

A&RBC: What inspired you to write your books?
Kevin: I wanted to share the gospel in a manner other than preaching or
speaking as I normally do.  For example, this year I will preach the gospel on four continents. Writing books allows me to reach even more people.

A&RBC: What do you enjoy most about writing?
Kevin: It is therapeutic and relaxing. That's what I love most.

A&RBC: What are you hoping readers take away from your books?
Kevin: This book is intended as a resource to everyone who desires to read it, as a means to establish, acknowledge and/or strengthen their personal relationship with God. It is one of many channels whereby God’s Word must be spread throughout this world. Jesus said, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me” (John 12:32). Within its six chapters, there are twenty-three specific thought-provoking strategies that encourage and challenge each of us to Give God the Glory!
A&RBC: Most writers have a process or method for writing their books, what is yours?    
Kevin: None in particular. I write when I have free time.

A&RBC: Where can readers find your books?
Kevin: This entire series of bestselling Christian books are available everywhere that Christian books are sold to include any book and Bible store, Christian Bible stores, your local Christian book store and Christian book shop, your favorite book and Bible store, Christian book stores, a local Christian store, Christian stores online, Christian superstore, a Christian book fair, on line Christian bookstores, Christian Bible stores, your local church store, church stores, family Christian stores, family Christian bookstore, gospel store, gospel stores, Jesus store, Jesus bookstore, religious store, religious stores, the Bible store, religious book shop, religious gift shop, religious library, religious book store, religious book stores, religious book and Bible house, and the full service book stores including Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, B. Dalton, and Walden Books.
Also, this series of great Christian and inspirational books are available through your Christian library, Christian catalog,, Google Book Search Program, Barnes and, and They are distributed to the marketplace by STL Distribution of North America, Black Christian Book Distributors, LLC, Baker and Taylor, and Ingram.

A&RBC: How has your writing impacted you personally?
Kevin: It promotes growth and development. As a non-fiction writer, I study,
research, and mediate often during and after I write.

A&RBC: Are you currently working on any projects and if so, can you give us a sneak peek?   
Kevin: Yes, our books are up to six languages. Having them translated and printed takes time. Also, I will be preparing our next book in the series soon: Called to be Light in the Workplace - A Workbook.

A&RBC: What is the best advice you can give to an aspiring writer?
Kevin: Stick to it and finish your book. That's the only way to feel that you have accomplished your goal!

A&RBC: Where your readers find you?
Kevin: My readers can find me via my website or email at or

Purchase at
About The Book

Book #1 (REVISED EDITION) in the Give God the Glory! series challenges its readers to desire a closer relationship with God. In doing so, our connection to, and relationship with, Him unleashes the power that is needed to fulfill one's divine purpose. This book, now in its fifth printing, shares several important messages regarding worship including how to be a praise and worship leader, praise and worship and is ranked amongst the top worship books in its category. It is written for the Christian and non-Christian alike. Author, teacher, and ministry leader Kevin Wayne Johnson enthusiastically embraces God's Word for his life and, through the words of his subtitle, encourages his readers to Know God and Do the Will of God as it relates to their lives. Reading this powerful and life changing book will answer the reader's specific questions or concerns such as "Lord heal my hurt," "Lord I want to be whole," "How great are you Lord," and "Lord heal my hurts." This book is systematically divided into two parts, with three chapters each. Throughout the 163 pages, readers will learn that you have potential, you have what it takes, He did this for you and He did this just for you. That is, God loves us so much that He gave His son Jesus to ensure our victory in this world. Supported by the Scriptures throughout, the central theme of each chapter focuses on specific biblical principles that challenge and encourage each of us to Give God the Glory!

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