Monday, July 9, 2012

Author of the Week: Tiana Washington

  1. How did you become a writer?  I have actually been writing for years.  Since I was a kid in elementary school.  But I became a published author first through Tate Publishing, when their advert popped up one day while I was leaving messages on My Space.  I sent them my work, being my kid book, and they loved it.  From there, I wanted to see where my other books could take me. 

  1. Since your inspiration for your books comes from your dreams, how do you know which dreams to pursue for your writing?  Wow.  The dreams that I have that are extremely vivid and real with characters that are appealing and life like are the dreams that I usually bring to life in my books.

  1. Are there any topics off limits when it comes to your writing?  Well since I write for adults and kids, I don't want to cross the line when it comes to my books.  I don't write for young adults, so the topics that I choose for my adult books are strictly adult materials.  So I have no limitations on what I choose to write about. 

  1. What are you hoping readers take away from your books?  Well with my kid book, Shanna's Lost Ribbon, I want little girls of color to see that there are books that show just how beautiful, funny, charming and smart they are.  And as for my adult novels, I want readers to take with them the versatility of my books.  The passion, love, desire, sensuality, darkness and heat of my words.  And especially the characters.  I want readers to fall in love with the characters of Camden and Crescent Sun, and their stories.

  1. Is there one type of genre you enjoy writing more so than another? If so, why?  I can't say that I enjoy writing one genre over another because my dreams differ so much.  If I have a naughty vampire dream, or a suspenseful dream, romantic dream or a dream that would make an excellent kid story, than that's what I focus on to make the dream into a fantastic story. 

  1. Most writers have a process or method for writing their books, what is yours?  I honestly do not have a process of any kind.  I just write what I can remember from dreams and pray that I can make a story out of it.

  1. Where can readers find your books?  Well readers can find my books in several locations.  Including my personal website,,,,,,, and

  1. What is something that you want your readers to know about you?  I try so hard to never take anything serious.  I'm a true goofball.  I love to laugh and make people laugh. 

  1. Are you currently working on any projects and if so, can you give us a sneak peek?  I am actually working on the sequel to my vampire romance novel, Crescent Sun, but I'm sorry I cannot give any sneak peeks just yet.  What I can say is that it will be a cannot put down sort of book just like the first one.

  1. What is the best advice you can give to an aspiring writer?  Write, write and write some more.  Don't be afraid to have your work critiqued or have honest feedback from anyone reading your work, because what you may think is going to be a best-seller could be a total let down. 

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About The Book
When beautiful thirty-five-year-old Leelee Markum decides to change her life and move from Atlanta to Maine, she doesn't anticipate how much it will turn her world upside down. She wants more out of life...and she wants her mother out of her business! When she starts her new position at Vlord Enterprises, falling for her boss is the last thing she could have expected to do. He is like no other man she has ever met in her life-intriguing, brooding...and devilishly handsome. Rich, handsome, arrogant, and powerful, Thayne Vlord isn't interested in finding a woman to share his life with; he's already loving his new life and won't dare fall for any woman. He's not willing to share his dark secret with anyone. Fleeing his village and keeping his past behind him was all that mattered...or so he thought....

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