Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Suggestions: Betrayed

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About The Book

Setrina Bailey is carrying a nineteen-year-old secret that she'd like to remain hidden forever. However, a move to Durham, North Carolina, threatens to expose her secret and forever disrupt the lives of those she's protected from the truth all those years.

Setrina Bailey was raped by Victor Christianson, her best friend Brenda's fiance, while they were in college. Now, Mimi's daughter, Afrika, who is eighteen years old and college bound, wants to further her education at th same college where her mother still bears the scars of the crime. Setrina is unsuccessful in changing Afrika's mind. And when Victor gets wind that Setrina is back in the area and has a daughter who looks very much like his own, he stops at nothing to chase them out of town and eliminate the reminder of his infidelity.

About The Author

Suzetta Perkins is the author of Nothing Stays the Same and the cofounder and president of the Sistahs Book Club. Her next novel is At the End of the Day. Visit her at

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