Friday, February 24, 2012

Book Review: Morgan Love: A+Attitude

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Book One of the Morgan Love Series

4 Stars

Morgan Love is a second grader dealing with a lot of family problems in A+Attitude by Stephanie Perry Moore. Morgan goes to spend summer vacation with her father only to become upset when he is called by to the Navy. After returning home, Morgan, has to deal with her jealousy toward her new baby brother and stepfather. Morgan soon realizes her life isn't as bad as she believed it to be and her mother has enough love to go around. Once she accepts her new brother and stepfather and learns that she will never loose her mother's love, Morgan's attitude takes a turn for the better. She even starts attending a new school where she befriends Trey and Brooke. And to her surprise Morgan starts to like her new teacher Miss. Nelson.

A+Attitude is about a young girl who learns the value of family. This is a wonderful book for young readers. The main character is a second grader that many children can relate to and may have similar issues as Morgan portrays in the book. The act of change is difficult for young children just as much as it is for adults and this book provides a glimpse of how a child deals with change and the emotions it triggers. I appreciate the author including the end-of-the-chapter activities as a teaching tool so readers can learn throughout the book. I definitely recommend A+Attitude to others.

This book was provided by TyWebbin Creations for review purposes.

Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Reviews

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