Saturday, July 23, 2011

BookClub of the Week: Distinct Ladies

A&RBC: Who is Distinct Ladies Book Club?
DLBC:  The Distinct Ladies Book Club is a local group here in Memphis. We have been together   for almost 5 years. DLBC is just a book club, it’s a sisterhood. We are ladies who come from various backgrounds but whom share a passion for reading.

A&RBC:  What are the mission and vision of the book club?
DLBC: Our mission is to come together as a sisterhood by reading various up and coming authors as well as known authors. We strive to do our community service by volunteering with local charities or organizations

A&RBC: What are your membership requirements?
DLBC: Our only requirements is that you have a love for reading, you are willing to attend monthly meetings and do community service.

A&RBC:  What community outreach programs does your club regularly host or attend?
DLBC: Distinct Ladies supports the local Catholic Charities of West Tennessee. We also adopt kids for to support for back school and Christmas. We are getting to participate in a Cancer walk for survivors.

A&RBC: What are the clubs requirements for hosting authors for discussion?
DLBC:  Distinct Ladies Book Club will occasionally invite authors to sit down with us during one of our book club meetings, a sponsored literary event or book signing. If they are coming to the Memphis, TN area and would like us to be involved somehow with your visit, we would be more than happy to do what we can. If they are specifically wanting to sit down with our book club members to discuss your book, our book club meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 4 PM at various restaurants and other locations in Memphis. We require at least a 60 day notice before a book club meeting in order to purchase and read a book. We also will not purchase overpriced books or books that are not easily accessible either through an online book store or the author's website. They can email us or use our contact form on our website.

A&RBC:  What is your club location and contact information?
DLBC:  DLBC is located in Memphis, TN and we can be reached at or

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring us. We appreciate the opportunity that you have given us and look forward to working with you and others in the future.

  2. stopping by to read your post. Good post highlighting a book club.

  3. @Distinct Ladies it was a pleasure showcasing your club as BookClub of the Week. I look forward to sharing and sending authors your way.
    @Sidne, the BCR thanks for stopping by I always enjoy your comments. I believe there is a need to showcase bookclubs because they are a avenue for authors to share their books.

  4. Thanks so much for choosing Distinct Ladies for bookclub of the week.... Good job Tiffany!!!!

  5. @Josula thanks for stopping by. I hope you join in on more of our post.