Monday, October 22, 2012

Book Review: Through Eyes That See

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Through Eyes That See
Nadyne Hicks

4 Stars

Darcy Preyer is a misunderstood young girl in Through Eyes That See by Nadyne Hicks. Darcy is questioning adults abilities to lead, guide and take care of their children because of their motto "A child is seen not heard." Darcy questions are often challenged putting her in unhealthy situations but a child can only take so much.

When Darcy's mother marries Wilder Coles a conniving and abusive man, Darcy's world takes a drastic turn. Darcy soon becomes a shell within herself and turns to unhealthy avenues to mask her pain. If only the adults around her would listen maybe Darcy wouldn't be lost.

Through Eyes That See is about a young girls dealing with the environment she lives and struggles to forget. It is hard to read this book and not feel sympathy for the main character. It is also easy to feel anger toward Darcy's mother and father for not protecting her. This book will have readers on an emotional rollercoaster wanting to free the main character from her problems. I recommend Through Eyes That See to others.

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Teresa Beasley

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