Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book Spotlight: When Solomon Sings

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When Solomon Sings
Kendra Norman-Bellamy

About The Book

When Neil Taylor finds love, he also finds a renewed reason to use the gifted voice that God gave him. Shaylynn Ford is just about everything any Christian man would desire in a mate. She's smart, beautiful, independent, and a woman who loves the Lord with all her heart. Though her package deal comes with a child, it comes without the normal baggage that a child would carry-or so it would seem.

Shaylynn is a young widow, so her dead husband could certainly pose no threat to Neil, right? Wrong! On a consistent basis, Neil finds himself feeling as though he'll never measure up against his perfect predecessor. And when skeletons-major skeletons-surface from Neil's own closest, they might make Shaylynn reconsider trusting him with her heart. Desperation leads Neil to make choices that could cause him to lose her forever.

Neil's anointed voice has been credited with healing the sick and saving lost souls, but it could take a whole lot more than a song to get him out of this one.

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