Friday, March 2, 2012

FYI Friday: Book Selection

A couple of my reading buddies asked me, how do you choose books to read and purchase? The answer is simple because I look for four things in a book before selecting it for purchase or leisure reading.

1. Bookcover design- does the front and back cover match the title of the book and synposis.

2. Synopsis-after reading has it enticed me enough to make the purchase

3. Beginning Chapters- in the first three chapters has it intrigued me enough to want to keep reading.

4. Author Name-is it a seasoned author or an aspiring author (self-publishing) that I need to read to show support.

These four steps have helped me read some very exciting, emotional, suspensful, and entertaining books. I am sure there are other methods used to select books for reading. Share your methods with us. Happy Reading!

Teresa Beasley

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