Thursday, September 1, 2011

Book Review: Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ

Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ
Dr. Taffy Wagner, CEPF
5 Stars
Does every engaged couple talk about living arrangements, bank accounts, and finances? If not then reading, Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ by Dr. Taffy Wagner could enlighten them on the importance of discussing these topics. Many couples realize too late that talking about finances and other aspects of marriage should have been completed before saying I do.
Dr. Wagner presents the questions that couples do not like to approach or do not know how to approach in their relationship. In this, eight chaptered book topics on debt, bills, budgeting, parents, accounts, and in-laws are covered. I appreciate the “Begin Money Talk” section that explains why couples should talk about money talk. It will help couples go into their marriage with opened eyes and minds.
Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ is about starting a new future with a clean slate. This book covered topics that are difficult to talk about and often avoided. I enjoyed the end of the chapter case studies called Along The Journey because they provide readers examples of each one of the topics and how they affect real individuals. I believe each engaged or non-engaged couple could benefit from this book. I definitely recommend this book to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.
Teresa Beasley
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