Monday, September 19, 2011

Book Review: The Deal, the Dance, and The Devil

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The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil
Victoria Christopher Murray
4 Stars

About The Book
What would you do for five million dollars? Adam and Evia Langston have lived in their own little garden of Eden since the two married at the age of seventeen. Working their way up from the humblest of beginnings, the Langstons have thrived beyond anything they could have ever imagined. Now they live in the finest home, drive the best cars, and indulge in all the trimmings that signify their massive success. But then the recession hits and rips apart the family’s financial stability. Unable to support their three children and other relatives, Adam and Evia find themselves drowning in financial trouble and teetering on the brink of complete disaster. With nowhere to turn, the Langstons have no idea what to do.
Until Shay-Shaunté, Evia’s multimillionaire boss, comes to the Langstons with a five-million-dollar offer that seems so hard to refuse. Will the Langstons make this deal? Or will they recognize that the glitter of five million dollars may be far from gold?

The Devil comes in many forms with a mission to make you lose your faith in God. The Langston’s in The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil by Victoria Christopher Murray learn firsthand about the Devil works. Adam and Evia Langston have the perfect marriage and family. Adam an Evia has three beautiful children, successful careers, and lives in an upscale neighborhood. When Adam is laid off from work, everything seems to go downhill.
Shay-Shaunte’, owner of Ferrossity is a strict businesswoman always ready to seal a deal. When Shay-Shaunte’ notices Evia’s family struggles she becomes concerned. Shay-Shaunte makes Evia an offer that she is sure she will not pass up. Evia does not realize that Shay-Shaunte’ has a boss as well and one who likes to see results.  Will Evia take Shay-Shaunte’s the offer?
The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil is about being blessed and how it can easily be taken away. It is also about making a deal with the Devil and not realizing until it is too late. It is hard to struggle and most will do whatever it takes to stay in the lifestyle they are accustom to.  It really amazes what people will do for money.  Readers will be entertained and surprised by the characters in this exciting book. I recommend this book to others.
Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Reviews

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