Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Book Spotlight: Truth or Dare?

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About the Book

Jess and Esias Roberts have a good marriage. Sure, their lives are hectic with the kids, her classes and his budding career as a novelist, but they are happy- or so Jess believes. That's why she's taken off guard when innocent online discussions with a fellow student develop into a scandalous game of truth or dare. When Jayson Winston sends her a message that lights a long-extinguished flame, Jess does the unimaginable.

What starts as innocent online banter quickly develops into a passionate affair, but it isn't long before Jess is consumed by guilt. She's ready to end things, but Jayson doesn't feel the same way. Jayson is convinced that they belong together, and he's not letting her go without a fight. Jess's decisions may have brought consequences she never could have imagined.
About the Author

Dwayne S. Joseph is the author of ten drama-filled novels that have consistently kept readers interested in his work. He strives to grow and improve with each novel because he feels that's what the readers deserve. And that's just what he is determined to do by providing readers with more suspense, more intensity, more violence, more mystery and sex. He resides in Maryland with his wife and children. Visit him at www.facebook.com/Dwayne-S-Joseph or by email at Djoseph21044@yahoo.com

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