Monday, January 3, 2011

Book Review: Savannah's Curse

Savannah's Curse

Sheila Goss

4.5 Stars

When Savannah finds her father murdered in his townhome she makes a vow that she will punish his killer. She enlists her sisters, Asia and Montana, to help her solve the mystery behind their father’s death. These women have trained with the best survival team and will stop at nothing until the murderer is brought to justice. In Savannah’s Curse by Sheila M. Goss, readers will follow Savannah, Asia, and Montana as they embark on a rollercoaster ride of unusual suspects while fighting for their lives.

Troy Bridges is a family friend who made a commitment to protect his mentor’s three daughters. Troy will do whatever it takes to honor that commitment, but one of the sisters will not make it easy for him. He will try everything to join forces with the trio to investigate and solve the mystery behind his mentor’s passing.

While spending time with these women, sparks begin to fly between Savannah and Troy. Both cannot deny what they are feeling. Troy knows that some of his secrets will be revealed, but he is willing to take that chance. However, Savannah must learn to get past her lingering issues.

Savannah’s Curse is an action- packed mystery with unexpected culprits. Sheila M. Goss brings readers a new side of her talent by entering a different genre. It is suspenseful with twists and turns that will keep readers turning pages. I recommend this book to others.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley