Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Interview with Dan Zybala

How did you become a writer?
In the corners of the bookstore I became lifted by what that masters had told me and from there the instinct and exploration to find my own destiny in life became the goal of writing about anything to anyone.

What are you hoping readers take from your book?
I’m hoping readers can walk away with an informative outlook that changes their perception and creates unexplainable debate with their cultural forms. If they can gain anything from reading my book I hope it would be an understanding to something more important within our world celestial.

If you were to write a book about a controversial topic, what would it be?
Controversy, Controversy, the 5% rule for this book in fact. Anything to do with politics, and religion is controversial, and this explores realms of both, but also touches the biggest and most debatable issue, Climate Change, and my honest opinion is totally for and against leaving it for the reader to decide.

Are you an avid or occasional reader? If so, what is your favorite genre of books?
Very avid reader, and advocate for reading. Favourite genre is always opinionated philosophy and the greats of course, but to be honest, globalization and economics is number one in my reading communications outlet.

If you could interview one of your favorite authors, who would it be? Why?
Passed On: Any great master philosopher, but more importantly a recent death, Christopher Hitchens, He is one of the most influential writers of the 21st century and most opinionated by far with read material and information.

Living: Noam Chomsky, He is by far the most talked about political writer of our generation and holds the most controversial agendas in world class literature and speaking throughout the western world.

If you could make a movie out of one of your books, which one would it be?
I would rather make a movie about watching me write a book, way more exciting, the writing stages are influential to upcoming writers in the next generations to come.

Which marketing/promotions or publicity strategy has worked best in your favor?
A marketing education, youtube.com, and local printers. 

Which do you like better traditional or self-publishing? Why?
Either or is beneficial, I tend to lean on self-publishing for creative control and a niche reader base.

What new projects are you working on?
Always writing, I’m also an illustrator and painter on the side, but currently I have my third book coming out in the fall of 2013, I’ve been proofreading for the last year and a half, keeping my finger crossed for published printing.

Where can readers find you?
Anywhere online and or purchase my book from twitter.com/danzybala

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