Thursday, May 23, 2013

Book Review: Perfect Circle by Alvin Horn

Perfect Circle
Alvin Horn
Publication Date: October 16, 2012
4 Stars=Great Page Turner

In Perfect Circle by Alvin Horn readers are introduced to two friends Ayman and Sterlin both trying to find women who complete them. Ayman Sparks tries to get over the end of his marriage to wife, Vanessa. Ayman’s therapy is coaching his basketball team at East Seattle City University. Ayman is out at the movies with friends when he meets Vanita. After meeting Vanita, Ayman decides that he may need to give love another try.
Vanita is a single mother trying to live her life through Christ. Vanita has baggage in her life that has caused her to not be able to find love. When Vanita meets Ayman she feels God has given her another chance. However, when things do not go Vanita’s way the real Vanita surfaces.
Sterlin Baylor, assistant coach and best friend to Ayman has been known to be a ladies’ man. Sterlin is dealing with some past issues and cannot seem to fully commit to one woman. He feels women don’t understand him until he meets Lois Mae. Lois Mae helps Sterlin when he is sick and a friendship between the two starts, which leads to them being attracted to one another. Will Sterlin give into his desires and give this relationship a try? Or will he run?
Lois Mae has all but given up on dating because she always picks the wrong men. When she meets Sterlin Baylor and helps him in his time of need, Lois Mae feels that her time for love is now. Lois Mae’s crush is coming true and she does not want to let anything interfere with the bond they have established with each other.
Perfect Circle is about four friends trying to find consistency in their lives that fit what they are about. Love is hard and finding true love seems to be impossible. Ayman truly wants to find a woman who completes him whereas; Sterlin wants to find a woman he can trust completely without getting hurt. Vanita wants to be understood and loved whereas, Lois Mae wants to find the man who wants to be partners in the love that they share. These four friends go through some changes in their lives that will have them making hard decisions while trying to stay out of danger and not ruin their reputation.
This was an entertaining book that had well-developed characters that readers will relate to. This book had a strong storyline that had me anticipating what would happen next. Perfect Circle touches on a little of drama, suspense and romance that will keep readers attention until the end. I recommend Perfect Circle to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

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