Monday, February 18, 2013

Author of the Week: Ebony Iman

About The Author

Little old Ebony didn't know she had a flare for writing. She dabbled with poetry in high school, and even won a few school contests, but had no idea of what she was capable. After joining the military at age 17 she picked a career in Public Affairs because she was intrigued with the press conferences she would be organizing and working with distinguished visitors. She had no idea that the bulk of her duties would be writing for the base paper.
After throwing a few fits at her initial failures in technical school, she got to her first duty station and received rave reviews on her literary skills.
When she left the military, she was smitten by a certain someone and picked up poetry again. And the object of her affection forcefully encouraged her to try erotic short stories. They let a few close friends read them as she wrote them, and they all clamored for more.
Seven short erotic stories later, she completed Desideras: 7 Sexclusives and is very eager for the world to enjoy her imagination.

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About The Book
These sexy tales follow several characters on journeys to fulfill their desires for sadism, role play, fetishes, and revenge. Conventional twists with unpredictable turns combine with exciting characters and explosive desires that pop off the page to make visual orgasms that you can feel. Bella Siren gives and learns lessons in common and lesser-known fetishes as she regains her memory and learns the truth about her life and near death experiences. Another tale follows the bisexual party girl, Cookie, as she tries unsuccessfully to release the beckoning of public sex only to find that she is dragged into an emotional triangle. Cookie and Bella are only two of the characters who search for satisfaction and sexual freedom while wading through the turmoil of mental disorders, voyeurism and more, making this page-turner a desirable escape from the restraints that many of us tolerate in pursuit of acceptable gratification. The rich background of the characters in these short stories and explorative descriptions of their feelings, situations and love affairs will pull you in deep to replace the character with which you most closely identify. There is no lack of action or passion in any of these stories. And once you read one, you will have to read them all.

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