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Against The Gates of Hell Virtual Book Tour with Mylow Young

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About the Book

He had always looked down on those who partook and pedaled drugs which claimed the lives of many in the streets.  Now Kerby Wilson finds himself duped by his own pride and going down a very desperate path of his own.  Distraught over the death of his parents and, the murder of a fellow police officer, Kerby alienates those closest to him, pushing them away-his wife, brother, police force buddies and old friends. As the bottom falls out of his life and darkness consumes his soul, he sells all that he holds dear for an elusive state of peace.
Herby, Kerby’s identical twin brother is angry with Kerby for turning on his family, friends, and the police force and for going down this destructive path. As his heart hardens and he is caught up in his own battle of resentment and bitterness, he tries to shut Kerby out. But Rene, his God-fearing wife won’t allow that to happen. Instead she continually appeals to his conscience, reminding him of God’s unfailing love and Kerby’s need for his help.
When Kerby uses his past identity as a police officer to rob the biggest drug dealer in Philly, a price is put on his head. Learning of Kerby’s latest antics, Herby, family and friends are challenged to push past their struggles to help keep him alive and break free of his addiction.

How did you become a writer?
I don’t think a question like this can be answered in particular. I guess over the years, starting at a young age writing was my way of expression since I didn’t feel that anyone listened to me or cared about what I had to say. More recently though after going through addiction I wanted to spread the same hope in Christ that I had found. I wanted to be an inspiration… encourage others who saw no way out.

Where does your inspiration for your characters come from?
Many of my characters are real or should I say are inspired by real people (Mo-Mo in particular). For the most part though, the characters are versions of myself… where I was, where I am and where I strive to be. Almost all the characters are named after people who have been, in some way, special in my life, contributing in some way to who I am and I wanted to honor them in this way.

What are you hoping readers take from your book?
One thing I want the reader to take away is what the drug addict deals with internally and emotionally. There is such a level of shame, humiliation and a very deep sense of worthlessness. An addict seeks the fulfillment of love, acceptance and approval. That’s the whole reason to find a way to fill the void. Another is the warfare the person struggling with addiction faces on a moment by moment basis. I also want my readers to be able to identify with a character so I try to create characters that have everyday life issues… deep stuff that no one wants to talk about. But the core of my message is that God wants us to know our value to Him regardless of our life controlling issue. He wants us to know who we are in Him… that we are His righteousness, completely forgiven in Christ and fully accepted! 

If you were to write a book about a controversial topic, what would it be?
The Segregation in the Body of Christ… or, maybe something dealing with the “religious spirit” in the Body of Christ.

Most writers have a process or method for writing their books, what is yours? 
I write a lot of dialogue because I want the reader to have a sense of presence, like you’re right there experiencing the story yourself. Then I try and be as descriptive in the moments…

What is your favorite genre of books?
Used to be autobiographies… now… books that help you understand the Christ lifestyle.

Are you an avid or occasional reader?
Oddly enough I don’t read much at all anymore… hardly ever.

What are two things you want your readers to know about you?
That I am sincere, that I am human and still struggle with life, that I am an optimist with eternal hope! There is always hope… always!

If you could interview one of your favorite authors, who would it be? Why?
Wow… Watchman Nee… my favorite of all time. I would like to have known his thoughts on total surrender and holiness living in today’s society.

What is or was your dream job?
I used to work at a TV station in Philly. One of my jobs was as studio coordinator on a sports show… The Randall Cunningham Show. I got to meet and spend time with many Philadelphia Eagles team members, coaches, even the owner of the team. I also got to meet other celebrities from all areas of sports and entertainment. As far as a dream job today? I entertain thoughts of writing for a TV show that I created as well as hosting a talk radio show dealing with the more controversial subjects of life… I love to call out the “religious” folks when it comes to areas of addiction and homelessness, etc. too many wanna be or “supposed to be” Christians have some “special” ways of showing Christ-like-ness…

What new projects are you working on?
I’m always writing poetry and I’m throwing around thoughts of a book of short stories. But right now I’m doing the sequel to “Gates of Hell”.  My intention is to do a series, a progression in the lives of Kerby, his family and other characters as well as creating new ones. In it I want deal with the gang life verses manhood, real fatherhood verses baby daddies and the treatment of our women… subjects that seem to be lost in our world today.

Where can readers find you?
You can find me at my website…, you can follow me on Twitter @mylowyoung, and

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  1. Thank you for hosting the Against the Gates of Hell Virtual Book Tour today. Blessings!

  2. Tyora,
    It has been my pleasure. I am currently reading this title and it is an interesting book to read. I look forward to providing my feedback in my review.

  3. Teresa, thanks so much for sharing my work with the readers in your world. U R Blessed!