Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book Review: Wanting It

Wanting It
Delilah Dawson
4 Stars
Reviewed by Teresa Beasley

In the last book of the Orchid Soul Trilogy, author Delilah Dawson invites readers into a sensual and exotic love nest with Jenna Miller and Troy Rucker. Jenna owns a florist shop in a small town and business has been growing, so she has no me time. It has been awhile for her and feelings of loneliness are starting to set in. When her friend, Eileen, asks her to partake in an online matchmaking service, Jenna does not hesitate to say yes. Jenna soon finds out that helping her friend will give her more than she bargained for and she loves it.

Troy has been focusing on running his business and has forgotten his need for fun and relaxation. When he meets the lovely Jenna at a party, it seems he is having a hard time getting her off his mind. A new business venture comes up and Troy uses his skills to land right in her path. He just does not want Jenna to know it. Jenna is playing hard to get and Troy is enjoying the chase. What will happen if his secret is revealed?

Wanting It is the story of two strangers starting a love affair that will change both of their lives. A page-turning book it makes readers curious to know if Jenna will find out Troy's secret. The storyline follows along with the other books in the trilogy but could stand on its own. I recommend this book to others.

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